Monday, October 25, 2010

Black Walnut Harvest

Most of my FB friends know that I have been working of the Black Walnut Trees here.  It has been a real Learning experience, and the Funny thing is - I DO NOT like Walnuts At ALL LOL!!! 

There is MUCH more to these trees than just the Nut Fruit, however!  The Leaves, Bark and Green Hull around the Nut have been used for medicine for years.  Below are some facts copied from websites that you might find interesting.   As I say, it has been very enlightening to work with this Medicine. 

 Black Walnut oxygenates the blood to kill parasites. The brown stain found in the green husk contains organic iodine which has antiseptic and healing properties. It is also used to balance sugar levels and burn up excessive toxins and fatty... materials.

Pet owners love to use Black Walnut as a natural worming option and it is also used in heartworm programs for a safer approach to killing them than the drugs.

Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) is a rich source of the trace mineral chromium and is also high in iodine. The unripe hulls of the black walnut are high in vitamin C.

There is my work area for removing the hulls and soaking the Kernels.  I wore gloves, but my hands are Black.  Anyway, I will have Walnuts and Dried Hull Powder available.  I am trying to process as much as I can to take advantage of what has been provided by Mother Earth.   There was also a Branch that had to be removed from one of the trees, so I will get some bark too.  

One of the Many Projects in the Works here at Six Directions Traders!  Praise Creator Daily ~ Live by His Love ~ Pray for those in Need!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Many Projects in the Works!

Looks like we are going to do one more event before taking a much needed rest and restock.  It has been 4 years without a break on the pow wow trail, Florida in the Fall/Winter/Spring then North as far as Virginia all Summer and back again.  I have just restocked on the fly and "Dabbled" with the online shop.  I will soon be revising, updating and adding more inventory to the Artfire shop.

I have a new and exciting beading technique I taught myself from a French website. I still have some Breyers Ponies to Paint! 

So basically, I will be promoting the shop and any new product I am working on throughout the winter.  As Always Much Love and many Thanks to all my blogg readers, and Mega ShoutZ to my FB peeps. 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Col. Cobb's Corn Maze Pow Wow

This was like a Farmland Theme Park!! They had: Slides (several), Cow Jumparoo, Petting Zoo, Corn Maze (In the pattern of Spider!!!!), Pumpkin Patch, Haunted House, Pedal-Cart Racetrack, Hayride (with Native American Storytelling and music track), Bonfire, and Helicopter Rides!!! Oh yaa and the NDN's were doing something there too LOL!!  We were in between the Cow Jumparoo and the BIG slide EGAD what a headache of screaming kids! 

The Micham Farm does this every weekend in October and this year they decided to add the pow wow.  Well it costs $8 per person to enter the grounds, and most had a child or 3 with them.  So financially this was not very good, there is Potential there, but in my opinion the locals had no interest in the NDN's.  The Dance was great, and was good to see the GA peeps one more time this season.  We ALWAYS make the event a Positive one and found some Great people to sit with.  Little Eagle and Levi Walker to name a few - It was an honor. 

There are just s couple more events left for the season here in Georgia, so I will be working on fattening up the Online Shop and working on websites.  The Black Walnut trees are giving up their medicine and I am working on drying and grinding the husks.  Let me know if anyone is in need of this. 

As always I want to Praise Creator and give Thanks for all that is provided to us on this most important walk in life.

This week I was brought to Psalm 44, more specifically verse 8:  In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name forever. Se'lah.

It talks about being cast off and put to shame - Thou makest us a byword among the heathen, a shaking of the head amongst the people. (v. 14)

I believe this is the Test of our Faith to know that no matter what happens in our walk of life, that as long as you are saved with the faith of the Creator, you WILL go on and be rewarded. For He knows what is TRUELY in your heart and you cannot hide it from HimShall not God search this out?  for he knoweth the secrets of the heart. (v. 21)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Veterans Pow Wow in Euharlee, GA

6th Euharlee Veterans Pow Wow

This was a Wonderful Experience in All Directions.  The Park facilities were very nice with woods trail and bridges around a small creek and a Rustic Barn  Structure which served to conceal the Restrooms (No Showers).  There was a small amphitheater/pavilion that was perfect for the Drums that came.  A great Variety of Hand Picked Vendors surrounded the Beautifully set Dance Circle made of dead fall Cedarwood logs set on rebar at just the perfect height for Children and Photographers alike!


The Dancers came out to Honor ALL Veterans in one of the the Grandest Entries I have seen!    The Locals came out both days and were very Happy that the pow wow had returned.  Apparently there were a couple years that they could not have the pow wow. 


My Travelling Stone actually had an amazing journey this weekend.  It wasn't until we were packing up Sunday evening that I noticed it was gone!  I was bummed, but after all it was a travelling stone and eventually it would be rolling on to its next keeper.  And for some reason I kept looking under the tables as I was packing out - and I stood out front of the shop scanning the grounds as all the other vendors packed.  I just felt that it was on the Ground somewhere.  All in all, it was well after dark before the entire caravan we travelled with was ready to go.  I gave Janell a Big hug, she looked Wiped Out, but the Successful event her and Joey had helped put together was finally coming to a close.  I mentioned that my Round Rock had taken a walk from shop and she said, "wait a minute".  Turns out one of the kids had picked it up (Found it in the circle!) and was playing with it.   I identified it by the blue boat paint on it and Thanked the boy that had found it.  OK, so I guess it wasn't time for it to move on yet


It was a good time with good people and if you are ever in the area come and see this Beautiful Park.  I am off to restock the shop before our next endeavor.

Much Love and many prayers