Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day...

Hope everyone is hanging on.  I know we are ALL in Distress these days.  Personally I despise this time of year and wish that tomorrow would be January first.  My entire Blood Family has forsaken one another, I only have one younger brother that keeps in touch with me.  I have tried and tried over the years at this time to contact and forgive and forget or perhaps bring back together - To NO avail. 

My Tiyospaye* is priority now, they have been there for us numerous times, and we have been there for them.  So on this day of Thanks that I give for all the Soldiers that fight for our Freedom; for all the Firefighters, Police and EMT's that protect our lives here at home; for all the Ancestors that come before us that have paved the way of the walk.  I also Thank these people that I am proud to consider my real Family.  You know who you are, and you have NO ego to be named, you need NO status or Title, I Love You ALL.

Much Love and many Prayers,


*Tiyospaye is an extended family, Indigenous People united by choice rather than by blood or colonial delineation.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks for all the Prayers!!!!

Thanks for All the Prayers!!

I am starting to feel much better.  As long as I stay out of that house I will heal.  Hubby is feeling it when he goes back in there.  There must be mold or bacteria of some sort in there and it seems to be getting worse.  We will just have to get rid of the house, we can not afford for it to make us sick.  Creator has guided us in this decision, it has been heart breaking, and yet eye-opening to be told so clearly what needs to be done.  We will give up a lot, but we are very rich in freinds and family here for us.  Please continue to pray for all the many many people out there that do not have a choice and are losing everything as we are, however, may not have loving and caring people behind them as we do.
Much Love and many prayers,


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gone Missing Please Help!!!!

I received this today, it is very new - passing it along with prayers.


Bryant's younger sister is currently missing since 5pm november 12th 2008 in deland, florida.  Her name is alexandra (alex) flemming, 16 years old, 10th grade at deland high school.  She is currently missing and we need help. the last place we heard was that she got into a grey or white 01' maybe 02' ford mustang with a soft top.  We dont know the situation quite yet, but we do know she is gone and her cellphone is off. she is too young to survive outside of her home and we are all hurting very hard over this.



Sunday, November 9, 2008

need prayers

Greetings - I hope everyone is well - I have been very sick this past month and a half - there is some sort of mold or something in the house that has gotten into my lungs - we are living in the camper and trying to liquidate things in the house, looks like the bank will take it back anyways - We will not be setting up at any pow wows through the rest of this year, in order to take care of all the stuff in the house - at least ken has gotten an extension on his unemployment and we will have a little income for a little while longer - he is going to hock the paint spray rig so I can go to the doctor and hopefully figure out what is going on with me - we are blessed though, we have good friends/family that are letting us live in their driveway with hook-ups for the camper - well, anyways, that is why I haven't written in a while - not sure how things will go and I will try to keep posts and update if we find anything about my medical issues - I haven't slept well in about 2 months now so far, so I am weak and tired - I love you all and will pray for everyone - Creator will see us all through it, I am sure of it

Much Love and mnay Prayers