Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend For Crafting


We are crafting and making all kinds of product this weekend.  Using up the supplies we have to ready for going on the road.  We are wanting to head northeast this summer and do some pow wows and craft shows and such.  Please send me any details on events that you might know of.  I have a list of events on my web site calendar that is pretty up to date:

I will upload pictures of the beaded spiders I made.  Hope everyone is well.

Much Love and many prayers,


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

E-mail I Received, my response, another promoter response

I was so sick when I attended the pow wow in oldsmar.  How could you allow people to sell "made in China" items at a so called native pow wow.   This is such an insult to the true native american people and their unlimited talents.   I just couldn't believe my eyes that I was seeing flea market quality for sale in what I thought was authentic native wares.    Let these people go to the flea market where they belong.  Let us have real native americans with real native wares like it should be.  
Annamaria Eulo


I have just returned from the Odessa Pow wow, is that what you meant?  I am not sure about a pow wow in Oldsmar.  I agree entirely with you, however, I am only a Trader myself and not a pow wow promoter.  I try to pick and choose the pow wows I set up at,but you never know who they will let in.  I handcraft most of what I sell, I also trade in Cherokee and with other Natives, carded and uncarded.  I try to find Handcrafted Unique items to sell in my shop.  I do understand that some Natives do not and will not be carded, and  I honor that. 

With your permission I would like to blog your letter and send it on to various pow wow promoters.  Many Traders along with myself feel very strongly about having mostly Handcrafted Items and avoiding the "Made in China" product, Now more than ever.  We may be held hostage to buy certain beads and components from them, to use in our art and craftwork.  But we should avoid all finished product from China most especially.  Thank you for your feedback.


Hi Celeste,
 I guess this person is speaking some truth but I was not at Odessa. I did 
speak to a vendor I sell my dreamcathchers to and she was disappointed in 
some of what was being sold. As a representative of the AIA I do try to 
keep "made in China" items out of the Powwow but often items slide in and 
I am unaware of them. Most promoters do inspect booths and have the right 
to ask vendors to remove inappropriate items. Contracts may or may not 
address this issue. It is up to each organization to handle this issue and 
each does so in thier own way. One Powwow does not reflect another. I feel 
that for the majority of Florida Powwows have beautiful handcrafted items 
and the buyers determine what is bought. Thanks for sending this along as 
a reminder to be aware and pay attention to what is sold at our event. I 
appreciate you passing this to us.