Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mother's Day Pow Wow ~ Dade City 2006

This Pow Wow was great, as always. I didnt take many pictures, as I was very busy with visitors. This turned out to be quite the family reunion. We made several new friends also. This is a picture of Grandfather Mingo and his brother. Grandfather traded me for a choker that I had made, I was very honored that he chose something that I had made. I appologize, but I did not get the name of his brother, who is a wonderful man.

I will be working very hard this weekend on re-opening the eBay store. I have some new listings of product and I need to start putting the fall pow wow's on the Yahoo calendar. I have been peyote stitch beading anything that is standing still. There will be some nice beaded feathers coming up in the store, and I have one in particular that I am going to auction off for the St. Joseph's Lakota School. We donated quite a bit of money in Cherokee, when we visited, so I need to raise some extra cash for the Lakota School.

On the trip to Kentucky, it had come to me (from a little Grandpa) to make Bola Ties. If anyone has any ideas for how I should make them, please feel free to let me know. I am assuming this is why i have been on a peyote stitch kick.

Much Love & Prayers


Six Directions Traders

Monday, May 8, 2006

Olive Hill, Kentucky Pow Wow 2006

Greetings All

We returned from our journey on friday night - The Olive Hill Kentucky Pow Wow was wonderful - There were 5 drums, and they recorded a session on saturday to have cd's for sale on sunday - Kentucky was very beautiful and the locals were very nice - We met many new friends, and I would Highly Recommend this Pow Wow to anyone who is in the area at the time - If you look at my photo's you will see the Olive Hill folder - They had gotten my husband and I to participate in the broom dance, and we got to see the switch dance for the first time - After the Pow Wow was over we travelled to Cherokee to spend our vacation time there - We usually go in the winter, so it was a very special treat going in the spring - There were flowers everywhere and we met more wonderful people - We toured the museum, hiked in the woods, and played Tribal Bingo - and I won $100 Yea! Of course most of it got donated back to the museum gift shopImage

Next up is the Mother's Day Pow Wow in Dade City Florida this weekend, most of the family will be coming either saturday or sunday - this is always a great Pow Wow, so anyone in the area, come on out and Pow Wow with us!

Travel Well Y'all


Six Directions Traders