Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26 June 2007

Well here is an old picture for y'all! Dug this out of my Fishing book and scanned it in. This was taken 16 June 1997 I was fishing at Lily Lake in Oceanville, the time was getting near to go to the firehouse for a drill night. I just couldn't leave, kept casting that rubber grub until... WHAM!

This Lunker Bass was then placed in the firehouse kitchen sink to swim around until I could get back from the drill.. and then proceed to filet and cook it... YUMMY!

All the 'Good 'Ole Boys' were very impressed!

And Last, but not least... the Firehouse Wedding Picture

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By spiderwrulf at 2007-06-26

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Last Alarm

Get Your Own Player!


The fire helmet atop folded protective coat and empty boots stand larger than life-size as the centerpiece of the Milwaukee Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial.

On the day of the funeral of a fallen fire fighter, a helmet, coat, and boots are arranged in this manner in front of a firehouse on the route of the funeral cortege. As the procession passes, the assembled fire fighters come to attention for a final salute to their fallen comrade. The empty turnout gear not only represents the missing fire fighter, but also the feelings of loss all fire fighters share with the family and friends of the fallen comrade.

Many statues have been created displaying fire fighters in action and rescue situations. Certainly these are a fitting tribute to the heroic service of all members of the fire service, but the Milwaukee Fallen Fire Fighter Committee wanted the focus to be on those who have died in the line-of-duty. The committee feels this traditional display of shared loss creates that focus.

Fire Fighter Memorial Committee and the City of Milwaukee, Department of Public Works-Support Services Division. The entire Memorial area is a blend of traditional and modern elements. Constructed next to the Milwaukee Fire Department Headquarters, the bronze sculpture situated in front of a historic engine house entrance was designed to symbolically represent the history of Fallen Firefighters.

9 Firefighters Die In Furniture Warehouse Blaze

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tribute to John Gotti

When I first started my journey on the compuker internet, I started with Yahoo. My Yahoo ID has always been Spiderwrulf, and originally my profile picture was this picture. Many people had no idae who this was, some actually thought it was my picture.

John Joseph Gotti, Jr., also known as the “Dapper Don” and the “Teflon Don,” was a New York mafia boss of the Gambino Family. He had been arrested several times, and picked up the nickname the “Teflon Don” for his ability to avoid convictions. He was arrested in 1990, and convicted of murder and a slew of other charges in 1992. Gotti died of throat cancer in a prison medical facility.

Now I have found a younger picture of Gotti and put him up on the profile for old times sake ;) **All this info and photos have come from mugshots.com

Added 10/10/2004 - Yeah, we know we've already got a mug of the Teflon Don, but since this one just popped up we just had to show it to you. Especially in light of the popular reality-TV show "Growing up Gotti" that features his whacked-out grandkids in a never-ending search for hair-gel products - we thought we'd put forth the idea that maybe this fixation with Brycreem-like products and greasy hair is genetic as much as it is behavioral. This mug was taken of Gotti in 1965 after he got busted on a burglary charge - check out those dripping locks.

In honor of late John Joseph Gotti Jr

We miss you

Much love and many prayers