Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Day Lost

Well, here we were in the middle of the 'Great Flood of 2009', which by the way basically closed this place down completely.  At Allatoona Lake we were fine, they are used to it - it is a reservoir for the surrounding area so they would Not flood.  I noticed when we got there that there was a yellow dotted line on the campground map.  There was nothing in the legend explaining it, so I guessed that this must be where the lake comes up when it floods. 


*DING* "Thank you for Playing, you win a Cupie Doll!"

Monday while I was writing the last blogg post, it was just raining hard and steady all day, and really it had been raining good on and off since saturday.  Janell was going to have us come to her house to stay before we go to the McIntosh Pow wow, she called and suggested we come monday night.  We were not quite done loading up, because everything was so wet and muddy, so we told her we would come first thing tuesday morning, that was our check out anyways.  Also we couldn't get out of here because the Levee broke and was being repaired in one direction and a tree fell across the other direction coming out of there, so we hunkered down.


Well, Tuesday was Sunny and Beautiful.  Thanks and Praise to the Great Spirit for this on our Travel Day.  We were only 50 miles from our destination, but with all the closings, bridge's out, flooded Interstates, and such it was 4 1/2 hours & 130 miles later we arrived! 


People were in such a Frenzy, Truck Drivers didn't even know what to do!!  It was Insane, the Police would just point and they kept herding us in circles to keep the traffic flow.  They never set a detour route, I guess they couldn't, there were sooo many roads closed.  They did say on the radio to Not go out if you can help it at all.  We didn't have a choice and we knew it and Thanks to Janell constantly calling back and forth with Ken, she got us there!  Every time we would get going on a road she told us and started looking for the next turn - there was a cop-O-meter pointing us in another direction.  Ken would call her and she would re-route us once again. 


We arrived simply exhausted and saw some sites along the way, I can only imagine what we didn't see by getting detoured the way we did.  A Lot of People Lost Everything, so PLEASE think about this and pray for them.  Ten people lost their lives, some were Children washed away out of the hands of their mother.  PLEASE think twice when you complain about a minor inconvenience in your own Life, and Thank the Great Spirit for placing you between Grace and Mercy. 


Check out the Chopped Duelly pulling this trailer!!

The McIntosh pow wow grounds was under 20 foot of water, so needless to say this pow wow has been postponed to the last week in October.  It's OK I need a week off anyways LOL.  We also got invited to do the Lawrenceville Pow wow the week after, so hopefully that will help us make up some ground.  Along with the failing economy, the pow wows have been off the pace this season.  It doesn't help that its been a very wet season as well. 

Well, Thank you very much to all of you that have called and sent messages concerned about our well being.  It is always good to know that friends care, someday that may be all that any of us have.  Be sure to take a look around the site, there are some good pictures and videos, and I have started to do reviews on campgrounds and restaurants.  Please Check back often and feel free to keep in contact. 


OH YAA and for all you Malcontents that started or are continuing the Rumor that the Falling Leaves Pow wow in Samson, AL has been cancelled,


We are going, in a good way, to try to be a part of making it be better, stronger, and about the people.  We will decide for ourselves if our attempt was worthy instead of listening to any Ranting opinions formed from Rumors spoken from Raving people.  The TRUTH will set you FREE

Much Love and many prayers - May the Great Spirit Be with you all.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cartersville Harley Davidson Pow Wow

We were invited to a Harley Davidson Dealership to do a small pow wow.  The Bikers from the area collected there on Friday to leave out and join up with the Trail of Tears Motorcycle run, the dealership ran specials and had sales on clothing and such, we pow wowed out in the front field with a handful of vendors.  It was a Nice set-up and thankfully the rain cleared out on Friday for the bikes to leave.  Ken was asked to help smudge the bikes with Joey before the pulled out.  It rained on and off saturday and sunday which kept the attendance low, thankfully we rallied a little at the end to at least break even. 


But the connections with the people is what it is all about, more than the money for us.  We met some wonderful people and got to see and hear another Drum we had not seen before.  The most memorable for me was when a young lady that had been visiting my shop, came in on Friday morning and spoke to me about how she hoped the rain would stay over there (pointing away from our locations), over there (pointing away again) etc etc etc... So after she had left the shop, I got me some tobacco and headed over to speak with her parents.  I asked them if it was ok for her to come with me to say a small prayer, because she had showed concern for the weather.  They agreed and the girl and I went off to the side of the vendor circle.  I showed her a prayer to Creator that I had learned from an Uncle.  We asked Creator to bring the sun out, so that the Bikers would have good weather in their travels, and so that we could Dance for HIM.  I offered Tobacco and I had her say her prayer and offer the tobacco I had given her earlier.  We hugged and I thanked her for helping me.  I went back to the shop and it was just a few minutes later that she had come back to see me, to let me know excitedly, that the sun had already come out.  I explained that it was only up to the Creator if it was to be, and that neither of us had made it happen, we had only gone and asked in the proper way.  That day was Beautiful and the sun stayed out all day!


There were not many dancers, but the ones that were there danced with all their Heart!  One of the Elders that had come and spoke with me in the shop Friday, came in Saturday and told me that he had another heart attack in his hotel room and was clutching his nitro bottle all night, and yet he was in the circle in full regalia dancing all the dances on saturday!!  Praise the Creator for he who accepts him and follows him shall be Strong in more ways than we know!!! 


The above pictured man Danced so HARD he made My Knees Hurt!!!!  Bless Him and Keep him strong, Creator for he carries your message to the people!!


I Just adored the 2 little ones with the Drum!!  Dog River was a Great Drum, with women back up singers, some of them danced, they did some hand drum songs in between pow wow dancing.  Very Awesome Group, if you ever get a chance to see them I recommend them!  I have a short video on my you tube I will post, sorry but the camera batteries died on me and it is the only video I got this time. 


Brother Nightwolf & Raven visited again with us for the weekend.  It is so Good to spend this time with them before we have to leave Georgia.  Hopefully we will see them a couple more times. 


Please see all the pictures from the pow wow either on my photo album here or on flickr (link on the photo album here)  Thank you everyone who follows our travels here, it keeps us going when we feel a little down!  We Love you all and are ever Thankful and Humble on the Path that Creator provides us. 


We had a Hunt Brothers Pizza last night (One of my Favorites!!) and I am going to end with quoting their Guiding Principles, because I feel it applies to what Ken and I are all about out on the Trail.  I was always told that Plagiarism is the Highest form of Flattery, so here goes:

"Place God First In All We Do, Be A Blessing To People, Trust God To Meet Our Needs, Strive For Excellence."

Peace ~ Love ~ Hope ~ Faith ~ Grace ~ Mercy ~ and all those other girls Nelson tells me about


And a Special Thanks to Joey and Janell for Inviting us and being such Special people.  We Love you Both!


21 September 2009 ~ At this writing (typing... whateva) It has been raining for about 30 days and 30 night (well... seems like it anyways)  I took pictures of the lake at the campground when we got here, and if it stops or slows so I can take more pics I will - But its come up about 6 feet or so, and I hope we don't completely flood out before we leave!! This rain has been never-ending!!  Oh ya and Wikid Thunder/Lightning too!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Dayton TN Pow Wow


Stories of our Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated!! 


Helped Uncle Jimmy with the pow wow this past weekend in Dayton, TN.  Ken was keeper of the Circle and Tony was the MC, Myra helped with Luck of the Draw and we did Candy Dance and ran block for the guys all weekend, along with running our shop.  So, sorry to say that I didn't get any pictures of the pow wow this time    Here is a really cool pic of the Rome Georgia Thingy!


Was a really good Pow Wow, Big, Lotsa Peeps came out - LOTZ in dire need of the Spirituality brought to their little town.  Sooo many mentioned that they hoped we would be back next year.  We told them to be sure and tell their city leaders how much they wanted us back. 

This park was just Beautiful, the river ran around it and there were ducks and swan.  We were here since Tuesday last and will leave out tomorrow morning to go back to Georgia.  We had dinner out Sunday with Tony & Myra **See Review Section**


Can you Imagine having 4 dogs like our Little Wolf???  2 were social and 2 were NOT!  They were all Much Smaller than her as well. 

Anyways,  we are really pooped and have a travel day tomorrow.  Still several pow wows in a row to go.  Will post as much as I can, in between pow wow and drownin' worms

Love Y'all ~ Look to Creator, only in Him can you find... Peace


Monday, September 7, 2009

Rome Georgia Pow Wow

Greetings Y'all,

We are in Georgia and set-up at the Rome Pow wow this weekend.  This was a Big pow wow with a Lot of Vendors and Tons of Dancers!  Competition Dance, and one of the 10am-10pm pow wows of the summer for us.  It was good to re-connect with some old friends from last year here the Alabama/Georgia circuit.  We got invited to some other pow wows from here and I have added them to the pow wow page on the dot com.  Many are in Georgia, so Come on Florida peeps - How 'bout a Road Trip??!

2009 Rome Georgia Pow Wow 022a

It was definitely a Working pow wow, only got out to take a few pics on Sunday, and got one good video of Josh dancing his New Birthday Fancy Regalia. 

2009 Rome Georgia Pow Wow 001


This area is nice, the place we are staying is on a creek surrounded by mountains.  We are staying another day here, so I will try and get more pics of the area and maybe a little fishin'. 

2009 Rome Georgia Pow Wow 021a

We had Nighwolf and Raven with us this weekend which was awesome.  It's been great spending some quality time with them, and they got to test the waters with their shop items at the pow wow.  They sell herbs, crystals, and handcrafted items.  Looking forward to doing a couple more with them before we go back to Florida. 

2009 Rome Georgia Pow Wow 012

Anyways, we will be heading to Tennessee next and it will be a whirlwind for the next month or so.  Hopefully we are scheduled to make a stop in Cherokee around my birthday.  Ghost Town in Maggie Valley has a House of Terror thing they are running through Halloween that I am just dying to see!

2009 Rome Georgia Pow Wow 019

REMEMBER ~ To Err is Human ~ To Arr is Pirate ~ To Pow Wow is NDN!!! 

Peace ~ Love y'all ~ See yas soon

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ozetta's 1st Annual Gainesville Intertribal Pow Wow

Miss 'O' has Organized a Thanksgiving Pow Wow in Gainesville, Florida.  Here is the Info - HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!!!


November 27 - 29, 2009 ~ Ms. O's 1 Annual Gainesville Intertribal Pow Wow

Alachua County Fairgrounds ~ 2900 NE 39th Ave ~ Gainesville, Florida 32609

 Printable PDF ~ Flyer

MC - David WhiteWolf Trezak & Tom Tointigh; AD - Ken Cloudwalker, Head Vet - Ghost Walker, Host Drum - All Nations Warrior Society - Cherokee, NC; Head Man - Herb "Buffalo Dancer" Sheppard; Head Lady Kay Taylor; Wrede's Wildlife Rehab with Thunder the American Bald Eagle; RV hook-ups for a fee, Trade Blanket, Possible "STOMP"! - FREE Parking - Guest Drums Welcome, Bring your Own Chairs, Gates Open at 10am Daily, Close at 10pm - Sunday closes at 4pm; HIGH Luck of the Draw (registered dancers on intertribals) Vendors by Invitation ~ Demonstrators, Flutist, Story Tellers ~ Come Join us for Native American Culture, Dancing, Food, and Fun!  The Public is Cordially Invited.  Grand Entries: Fri 1pm & 7pm; Sat 1pm & 7pm, Sun 1pm ~ NO DRUGS, NO Alcohol, NO Attitudes and NO Firearms.  Contact Ozetta 321-277-9688; Donna 352- 222-6990; Vicky 386-538-2424