Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ramona Moore Big Eagle ~ Legend Keeper

Miss Ramona was telling stories at the Bland Virginia pow wow and we were fortunate to meet and spend some time with her.  I would like to post the Bio and contact information for anyone who might be interested in what she has to offer.  She is a very Energetic, Fun, and Educating person. 

Ramona Moore Big Eagle, M. Ed. (Tuscarora/Cherokee) is an Oral Historian and Legend Keeper of the Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina.  An Enrolled member of the Nation, She earned a Master of Education Degree from East Tennessee State University in Reading and Storytelling and a Bachelor of Art Degree in Psychology from Catawba College.  As the Director of Heritage School, Ramona taught students for over ten years.  Ramona travels throughout the United States and Canada as a Motivational Speaker, Cultural Educator, Consultant, Workshop Facilitator and Storyteller.  Her workshops and programs of American Indian culture and history delivered through the art of Storytelling, authentic artifacts, music, drumming, dance, and crafts have been educating and empowering audiences of all ages since 1976.

In addition, Ramona does many corporate workshops on Leadership through Storytelling, Finding your Corporate Story, Team Building and Motivation.  Ramona is the CEO and president of Dare to Soar Enterprises, founder and president of the Storytellers Guild of Charlotte, Inc., a member of the National Storytelling Network, and the NC and SC Storytelling Guilds.  A winner of numerous awards and recognition as a professional Speaker and Storyteller, Ramona has been a featured speaker at various Literacy and Association Conferences, school libraries, corporate meetings, museums, historical sites, Red Ribbon Week, festivals, churches, and camps.  Ramona also teaches at University of Phoenix and was honored as Teacher of the Year in Drama for 2001-2002 at Community School of the Arts.  

When presenting American Indian Culture, Ramona erases stereotypes and myths concerning the culture and provides programming that covers aspects of daily life in lodging, clothing, survival techniques, artifacts, foods, art, dance, stories, language, music, and beliefs from the past to the present.  All programs are custom-designed to be age appropriate and curriculum based.  Ramona enriches any curriculum subject with her interactive and entertaining storytelling.  Participants experience American Indian culture through hands on and engaging activities.  Listeners have the opportunity for a question and answer period during each presentation.  Ramona also offers programming addressing History, Social Studies, Character Education, Literacy through Storytelling, Drug/Tobacco Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Diversity and Multiculturalism, Motivation and Self-Esteem, and Leadership by Storytelling.  

Contact Information: Ramona Moore Big Eagle, M. Ed. ~ Dare to Soar Enterprises ~ 9904 Avensong Crossing Dr. - Charlotte, NC 28215


phone: 704-568-6940

Speaker, Storyteller, Educator, American Indian Culture, PreK - 12, College - Senior Citizen

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pow Wow in the Mountains of Virginia

Wow!! 2 weeks strait pow wowing and NO Chance to have Pow wow hangover LOL!!  Squatting somewheres in Tennessee at the moment. 

As always, I absolutely LOVE this pow wow.  Truely my Favorite Summer pow wow, the grounds, the people, the Peace.  We got a few peeps from Floriduh up here with us this year ~ Really cool!! Spotted Pony and Paul DeLuna set-up with us at both pow wows.  Nelson & Cyndy came up for both as well.  Was really Cool to see Royce at Clemmons - check out the pics! 

Also, Arvel Bird performed in Virginia this year which was a very special treat.  I asked a lot of our friends up here if they had ever seen him and they had Not ever heard of him, but BOY did they Absolutely LOVE him by the time the weekend was over

As ALL pow wows are Reunions, It was so Great to re-unite with old friends and family.  Hoping to see them all again down the trail this summer. 

Ok, so on Saturday Ken Watson did his gig and all of a sudden, I hear dance bells jammin with the music, outside and to the right of my shop.  I look up from beading and a few people standing just outside my shop say, "You Gotta SEE this!"  So I grab my camera and get up there to see the dancers Jammin' to Kenny and really gettin' down!!  Shame I didn't have the camcorder, but check out the stills HERE.  On Sunday, the dancers that were still here when Kenny went on, did the same thing and they kinda re-created the impromtu dance we had on Saturday, so Check out the YouTube videos I got on that.  Unfortunately Uncle Jack wan't Jammin' on Sunday, He sure was gettin' down on Saturday though


At Tangleweood the week before I got a special order to bead several feathers.  Here they are Dancing the following week!!

I think I SERIOUSLY need a Vacation, it's only been 4 years since I have had a true vacation - I know, "what am I complaining about" But YEAAAAA I think I am taking a vacation

Friday, July 16, 2010

Strong Sun Festival 2010

This year's Strong Sun Festival that has been in Winston-Salem was moved to a bigger facility at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC.  What an AWESOME venue for a pow wow!!  There is a campground, Botanical Gardens, Native American Medicine Wheel, Amphitheater, Golf Course and much more.  As always, this Pow wow keeps getting bigger and reaching more people.  I was only able to get a couple videos of a Grand Entry and I have some pictures uploading as well. 

It was really GREAT to re-unite with old friends and family from the trail.  We even had Many people up from Florida for this one!  If you are in the area next year, this is definitely a Pow wow to visit.

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