Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Family ~ Mommy, Daddy and Doggies

Changed Directions ~ back to North Carolina

Changed Directions ~ back to North Carolina

We had a change of mind, and spirit. Instead of going to the farmville, Virginia pow wow, we came back to NC for a smaller one(I need to make more stock). We had gone part way at first, and stopped at Dixie Caverns. They had a campground right at the caverns, so it was really cool!  So, we are in salisbury, NC near Winston-Salem (where we were a  week ago) found another park in our system to camp for free, for the 7 days out, until we can go back to the Winston-Salem park again. We have 2 more pow wows scheduled in NC, then 1 in Alabama the weekend of the 22nd of august. Then we will stop over and visit with our host family in Dothan, Alabama before we come back to the sandbar for the fall pow wow season. Our first pow wow down there is the weekend of the 22nd of september. 
Ken always sets a minimum dollar amount that we need to make to get on to the next one, and so far Creator has met that goal everytime, so we cannot complain. We seem to get what we need, so I say again "HE" has us right where we need to be. It has been an awesome journey so far, the people we have met and places we have been.  We saw one of the Longest Walk ppl that we met in Oxford at the Bland Pow Wow which was exciting, Dawn informed us that she is getting married to another LongWalker.  So we wish all the best to Dawn and Lead Horse!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dixie Caverns ~ Salem, Virginia

Dixie Caverns ~ Salem, Virginia

We drove part way to Lynchburg, Virginia today - stopped in this cool place called Dixie Caverns, its the only caverns in Virginia - there is a campground with full hook-ups and cable for $26 per night right at the caverns!  and we went for the tour in the caverns for a discounted rate of $7 each - see photo album for my cool pictures - I love caves!! I think I was born in a cave :) only thing was a bummer is that the bats were not there :(

ok, really pooped now - pow wow hangover is catching up with me

night - night


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bland County Fairgrounds Pow Wow

Bland County Fairgrounds Pow Wow ~ Virginia

We arrived safe and sound in Bland, Virginia.  It is wonderful weather here, in fact it is down right chilly tonight!!!  I was able to upload a couple videos from the Winston-Salem Pow Wow.  I also took some pictures from the drive up.  More blogging to come



Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cherokee, North Carolina

Cherokee, North Carolina

We are in Cherokee this weekend and having a wonderful time.  We went to the Festival of Native Peoples and it wasn't quite as good as last year.  The Apache Crown dancers and the Alaskan dancers were not there this time .  The best part, however, was seeing Alan Mose Jr. !  We also got to see many other friends such as Tommy Wildcat, Miss Lola, Rex Begae and Eddy Two Clouds.  We got to visit with Mama Elsie of the Wolf Clan and everyone went out to dinner together after the festival.  We are going to visit Bearmeats today, I think they are one of the best shops in Cherokee, they are located out on Soco road (19) on the east side of town heading towards Maggie Valley.  If you ever get out that way, you gotta stop in and see their wonderful shop! 

Next we are heading to Bland, Virginia and then Farmville, Virginia.  Looking forward to seeing some friends there.  Hope all is well.

Much Love and many Prayers,


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Online in Winston-Salem

Online in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
as we had stopped over in Commerce, GA - I had updated some windows microcrap files - the last 2 security updates, unbeknownst to me, were defective to have on my laptop - I could not figure out why it showed that I was online and yet nothing would navigate (either wifi or my verizon access) - just pass it along - that if someone you know is having difficulties getting online - on the laptop - to delete the last 2 security updates ending in the numbers 951978 and 951748 (start>control panel>add/remove software> click updates 'check' box)
Anyways, just passing that on, and a little note to say We are thinking of Y'all in our travels on the pow wow trail.  Looking forward to seeing some of yas out there on the trail possibly.  We will try and get some pictures and/or video to post on the Multiply site.  The preserve we are in, here in Advance, NC (outside of Winston-Salem ) is Very nice and Woodsy :)  The temperature has been much more pleasant than July in Florida THAT is for Sure!!! 
Travel Well,
Much Love and many prayers,

Monday, July 7, 2008

Heading for North Carolina Pow Wows

Heading for North Carolina Pow Wows

We are loading up after a good rest in Dothan, Alabama.  We will be heading to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for pow wow.  Looks like we will be meeting our favorite herb people, 'Peace Eagle Herbs' out there.  They will be at the next 2 pow wows that we will be set up at, so if anyone has any herb needs or questions, please let me know. 

I will try to get more pictures and video than I did the last time.  Please pray for our travels, it is getting tougher to get from point A to point B with these gas prices.  But we must do what we must do, this is our only source of income and is apparently our path from here on in.

Much Love and many prayers to everyone,