Monday, January 30, 2006

30 January 2006

Here is a new line I have crafted - the Deerskin Dreamcatcher Necklace - The ring is 1 1/2" wrapped in deerskin with a spirit bead in the center - I have added crow beads to the necklace in a way to make it adjustable from 15" to about 30" in length.  The second set is finished now too with buffalo, crow, red tail hawk, alligator, turtle,  and white buffalo.  You can find this set listed in my online store:


Sunday, January 29, 2006

St Joseph's Indian School

We had a very nice Lunch and Information session/meeting with the St Joseph's Indian School.  It was very nice to meet Fr Steve and Denise in person and hear their words about the school.  Fr. Steve said a wonderful opening prayer before the meal in a rather Traditional way.  At the end of the session he also did the Four Directions Parayer to close.  The school values traditional ways of the Lakota and strives for Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit Teachings and help for children from the surrounding Reservations who are in need of it.  The children live in an apartment type housing with two house parents and a handful of other students, helping to develop their social skills and homelife responsibilities.  I am very happy with my contributions to this organization and will continue to give and support the St Joseph's Indian School. 

If you would like to learn more and possibly give of yourself to them, please visity the website at:

St Joseph's Indian School

Chamberlain, SD 57326


Saturday, January 28, 2006

28 January 2006

We are going to a Luncheon with the staff from the St Joseph's Indian School from Chamberlain, SD today.  I have been donating to them for a short while now and the donations total $100.00 thus far.  The medicine wheel pictured above sold for $10 and the entire price went to the school, along with some of my other items that had sold.  They will be showing us a film and discussing upcoming events at the school, so I will have more information to share when I return.  Please check back for updates.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

22 January 2006

The Calendar of events on the Yahoo Group is starting to fill up - Check it out for Florida Native American Events coming up - We are working on a lot of new and Unique product - Beautiful Dove has painted some gourds that are just, well...  Beautiful - Most of the new inventory items will not be listed in the eBay store - They will have their premier out at the events - Thank you Travel Well

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For Autumn Snow

I just received the following message, let us all say prayers ~ Aho


O'siyo little sister,

My sweet mom crossed over this morning at 9:00am. She was an inspiration to me throughout my life and showed me strength and helped me through many heartbreaks and dissapointments. She was my light in my saddest moments and was a strong and deeply spiritual woman, "Sprit Eyes" was her native mane. She is with the ancestors and with the Creator this day. I would ask if you will to burn sage and sound the drums for her. She will be cremated and stay with me for a time, then I will take her to the mountains and place her with my father, as she has requested from me. I have requested a small Urn to keep some of her ashes to perhaps some day take her to ceremony. Wado, be well, . Image


Oneh Donada G'hovi,

Autumn Snow

Granpa Litefoot

This is Granpa Litefoot, I ask for prayers for him and his family. I haven't seen him since he moved back home. My thoughts and prayers are with him this day and every day. Safe Journey Grandpa - Travel Well.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

8 January 2006

Hello, here is a Dreamcatcher I just finish with the Raven Spirit in the center and a very Unique fringe with feathers at the bottom.  There is a carved horn Raven head in the center with a nugget of Turquoise and piece of Red Coral woven into it also.  The hexagon beads on the leather fringe at the bottom are carved horn and there are red tail feathers from a small parrot with some red fluffs.

Travel Well


Saturday, January 7, 2006

Entry for January 07, 2006

Check out this awesome Fox and Deerskin purse I made.  I will be working on more listings in the store.  I have a couple fans and dreamcatchers to put up there along with some jewelry.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Junior Princess Crown

Native American Festival in Ormond Beach this weekend. Will try to go, working on getting set up at more pow wows for this year. Check the Calendar section of Six Directions Traders Yahoo Group. Many more items to be listed in the eBay store in the next few days . Finishing up a really awesomer deerskin bag with fox fur on it. Finishing up special order Dreamcatcher with fox on it and Raven Choker. Almost done the beadwork for the Thundering Spirit Family Princess Crown (see Jr. Princess crown in picture).

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Entry for January 03, 2006

Unique & Useful Native American Arts & Crafts ~ Leather craft, Beading, Handcrafted Jewelry, Leather and Cloth Regalia, Ribbon Shirts, Breech Clout, Skirt Sets and more ~ products are Handcrafted from natural materials of the earth - bone, horn, stone, wood, glass beads, leather, fur, and feathers ~ In our Uniquely Diverse inventory, you are sure to find something to your liking.  From our Trademark items, like the Spider Dreamcatcher and the Pinback Feathers, 100% Solid .925 Sterling Silver Chains, Bracelets and Anklets, Sterling Silver Native American Charms and Pendants, Hemp Jewelry, Pewter Spirit Animals ~ and collectibles of all kinds!

Please see my Yahoo Group for a Calendar of events for this year.

Flyers will also be posted on the Six Directions Traders eBay store.