Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Behind the Outback ~ A Nomadic Journey ACT III

Greetings!  Hope everyone is well, staying cool & safe this summer.  Thanks and Praise to the Great Spirit for guiding our travels, we are nothing without his Grace and Mercy. 

Now lets see... where did I leave off? Ahh yes

Behind the Outback ~ A Nomadic Journey



Scene I

23 July 2009 ~ We headed out of Advance, NC using I-77 North to Virginia.  Up into the Mountain, please excuse all the road pictures, but I just Love seeing the mountain scenery.  The photo album for the travels to Wolf Creek Indian Museum is here:

The Crosswinds were not bad this time, but there was a head wind that was pretty wild.  We would be going downhill, yet I was takking 2500 to 300 RPM at 45-50 mph!  It was Very Cloudy as well and I couldn't even see Mt Airy on the way up Otherwise very uneventful drive into this VERY Beautiful Area.  There is a Tunnel through the mountain to get to Wytheville, Bland, Bastain Area. 


Well, as I say, we get there without incident and begin to get preliminarily set-up in where we knew we would be.  We were the second to arrive, and were waiting for the Pow wow Committee to arrive, Also Chief Jim, to get started setting up the circle and plotting out the vendors. 

We started setting up the shop and had to break around 4pm and head over to the Museum for a Press Release the Committee gathered.  That was Great, I didn't get to see the Museum last time!  It was Really Awesome, although most of the press didn't show up, apparently there was a hotter story happening   Anyways, Bird Chopper Drummed and some people danced.  Please see the Video on you tube here: I have the entire interview/press release video on the dot com which you will find the link for in the description of the video. 

Wolf Creek Museum 028

Apparently there was a Tractor Trailer Accident that blocked I-77 just after we passed through.  On the way out I got a picture of where the truck went over. 


Scene II

25-27 July 2009 ~ All Nations Green Corn Festival & Pow Wow ~ Wolf Creek Indian Village & Museum ~ Bland County Fairgrounds Virginia

The pictures from the pow wow can be found here:

Friday had Many Dancers, it was a Very Good Friday Afternoon Grand Entry!  Ken was Keeper of the Circle, so I was limited to the video and pictures I could sneak out and take.  But Please see the Videos here:

Wolf Creek Museum 036

We were so Blessed, Many people from last year remembered us and came back to visit in the shop.  As well as our New Out of State Extended Family that was Growing bigger than we could Imagine. 

The Local Elder, Gray Wolf, took a shining to Ken.  He was very happy that Ken was there to help do some of the things He himself had to do alone last year.  I got a chance to sit with him for a very short while, but was very Thankful for it.  One of the Main things I remember him saying was that he has Walked the Red Road for over 50 years! 


They had a Luck of the Draw that was THE Biggest I ever Heard of!  They gave $2000 total throughout the weekend ~ The Lowest envelope had $25 in it, various $50 & $100, and there were 2 envelopes that had $200 in them!!  WOW, now that is Incentive to get out there and Shake Tail Feathers!! LOL


The news guy actually came on Friday and Saturday and took lots of footage and interviews, BUT they still only put a few seconds of footage on the air  


Saturday later afternoon we got some fun/social dances in such as the Broom Dance and Switch Dance.  It was a Lot of Fun and makes for good pics


As Always "The Box" was a Lot of Fun in the shop!

25July2009 Storm_1

Well a Storm came over the mountain Saturday night after pow wow.  Wikid cool Lightning, got a cool video too!  But, Sunday it was quite rainy and the committee Called the Pow Wow later in the morning.  So we packed up earlier than expected. 

Scene III

27 July 2009 ~ On the road Again - Heading for Dixie Caverns in Salem, Virgina for an overnight stay, Dump, Shower, Rest, Chow (NOT Necessarily in THAT order LOL) Trying to send out some postcards when I can, found some really cool ones at the Caverns!! So, if I don't have your home address and you want to see a postcard, email me your address!


Well, it was on a couple of hours driving to get here so its a Great place to catch up with yourself.  In the Woods and Mountains with enough of a city not too far to get munitions for anything you may need.  Really GREAT Radio Station 106.1 Steve FM Check 'em out online too they have streaming!!!   

I took so many mountain pictures while here in Virginia that the camera batteries burnt up and I didn't get too many pictures on the road headed to Chesapeake Bay ! 

More to Come soon!  We Love You all and Look forward to seeing y'all Real Soon.

Much Love and many prayers,

Spiderwrulf & Cloudwalker

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Loading up to head back on the Road


Well, it's our last day at the preserve before we get back on the Pow Wow Trail.  I did some catching up on computer work and updating the pow wow calendar on the dot com.  Looks like we will be doing some new pow wows this year! 

2009 07 22 Forest Lake 005

We had a campfire the other evening, the weather has been just Awesome here.  Ken noticed these 2 birds flew down under the picnic table.  They were Rolling around and Fluttering in the soft loose dirt under there.  It was really cool, so I grabbed the camera and shot some pics.  I also took a video of it!  Not sure what type of bird these were so if anyone knows, Please let me know.  My guess was a wren, but i am not sure.  The Wildlife out here is Awesome and usually is on the Preserves, see that's why they call themselves a Preserve as opposed to a Campground.  There are usually Trails that you can walk out in the woods and a variety of wildlife to see.  I had Hummingbirds coming up to the campsite the entire time we were here!  It was so cool, just yesterday one of the Red Throated ones flew right up in my face and hovered there just peeping away and then flew off!  If that isn't a Blessing then I don't know what is!  There are plenty of Deer, Turkey and of course Canada Geese. 

2009 07 22 Forest Lake 003

When we first got here and did our Doggies walk in the woods, I found a small Tortoise which I proceeded to sit with for a while and keep the doggies from molesting.  Beautiful creature just cruising on its way towards the corn fields.  Well, This morning we went for our walk and I saw the same little guy, only thing is he had been run over by a Golf Cart!! GRRRRRRRRRRR  Yaa, these people use their golf carts to cruise on the paths out here, which I also noticed that once an area gets rutted out - they just plow the carts around another way to make another path for them. 

2009 07 22 Forest Lake 009

GRRRR This is NO way to PRESERVE the Land!!!! Damn, Yuppie Bastards!!!  YEA You know who you are :P  Sorry, I don't like to lose it and make anger posts, but this really got me this morning.  This was Totally the same Turtle I had spoke with just the week before, in the SAME area of the woods!!  Put it to you this way, they rent the golf carts here, they are $50 per day - who else would rent them?  I understand the Elders have them to get around,  but we saw Children driving them loaded with other children and just tearing around.  Believe me we will be letting Thousand Trails know!  OK Enough Neg Sh*t Poor little guy didn't have a chance :(

2009 07 22 Forest Lake 010

I was very inspired here, was last year too - as I say its just a Great Feeling place.  Got several Dream catchers, medicine wheels, feather earrings, necklaces and such done.  Ken got over 14 sticks all finished into his trademark Walking Stick, he also got a lot of bone feathers painted up for the Veterans (which I made into a few necklaces)  Dang, that reminds me I didn't get pics of them - oh well next time.  But check out the Dream catcher pics anyways. 

2009 07 19 Forest Lake 024

Only got one video uploaded and here it is:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Didn't Get to Cherokee this weekend

Well, we didn't get to Cherokee this weekend, something must have been Blooming that didn't agree with my sinus.  Had a Stuffy and Sneezy weekend, but fun In-between.  Got a LOT of crafting done for next week's pow wow:

  July 24 - 26, 2009 ~ Wolf Creek Indian Village & Museum


Green Corn Festival & Pow Wow

Bland County Fairgrounds - Main Street - Bland, Virginia 24315

To help sponsor this event in 2009 or for vendor information contact Penny Plummer or Denise Smith at 276-688-3438 Vendor Spaces Limited -  

Saturday the preserve activity was a Wet hayride!  The tractor pulled a trailer full of hay and the kids rode equipped with water guns.  They drove all through the park and the people at the sites used hoses, water guns and/or water balloons to soak them as they went by.  Ken had a Blast!!

2009 07 19 Forest Lake 016

We also participated in the on-site yard sale, which we made a few bucks selling some product while we crafted. 

2009 07 19 Forest Lake 012

The weather has been Amazing!!! Low to NO Humidity mid to upper 60's in the morning and barely hitting 80 in the afternoon. 


Well a few more days to craft and restock on some items and then its off to Virginia for pow wow this weekend.  Hope everyone is doing well and staying cool.  Glad to see you are reading the blog!  Thanks!

Much Love and many prayers to everyone

Spiderwrulf & Cloudwalker

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Behind the Outback ~ A Nomadic Journey Act II

Behind the Outback ~ A Nomadic Journey

Act II

I want to begin here by praising and thanking Creator for everything provided thus far.  Our Journey has Already been very Blessed. 

Secondly, for my Facebook Friends, I want to explain the meaning of “Pow Wow Hangover” because ALL Pow Wows are Drug and Alcohol Free.  What I mean when I say that is; the day or days after a Really Good and Spiritual Pow wow, one that we have met many people, had good events happen and participated in with the sponsors, we can get very drained physically & mentally and I compare it to a hangover. 

Please read this full blog at


2009 07 07 Forest Lake 013

Scene I

7 July 2009 ~ Travel day, rather uneventful except for a squeeze play first thing as we left the preserve.  A Semi hauling a house (wide load) came ‘round the bend at us on the back country road leading back to the Highway.  Ken had to take the camper off road and into the shoulder ditch so they could squeeze by and I tell ya, it was INCHES between them.  I was so busy praying and watching with wide open eyes, I forgot to snap pics DUH – they would have been good. 

2009 07 07 Forest Lake 009

We travelled through a small town named Gaffney, and over the 4th of July in that town they had 5 people killed by a serial killer.  People were very scared and it was all over the news.  They caught the guy and killed him in another town called Gastonia just a day before we drove through. 

2009 07 07 Forest Lake 014

Scene II

Forest Lake Preserve ~ Advance, North Carolina

Well, we arrived at the preserve; we had stayed here several times last year.  We like the “Redneck Loop”** Section but this year they had a sign stating ‘50 amp Only, $3 per day’.  Well, we thought we couldn’t set-up there so we came out to another section (found out later we could have gone there Grrr)

** “Redneck Loop” (full-timers lingo) This is the section of the Preserve (campground) that is furthest away from all Amenities (Pool, Lodge, Lake etc...)  It is usually very wooded and the tent campers usually prefer to camp there.  We like it mostly because we can walk the dogs without much incident of Golf Carts and such.  For those you who do not know our Little Wolf, she despises Golf Carts and goes into a Berserker Rage whenever she see’s one. 


9 July 2009 ~ Bethabara Park (pronounced Beth-AB- ra, don’t ask me they say things funny here LOL) Set-up day for the Pow Wow.  It was really Great to see all our extended family in Winston-Salem again. We finished setting the shop up just before the rain came, and we drove back to the preserve each night.  These pow wows up here are usually only daytime.  So we didn’t set up any lights in the shop and didn’t bring the camper to the grounds. 

Scene III

Strong Sun Pow Wow ~ July 10 – 12, 2009


**One note, my brother Nightwolf & Raven had gifted me a little wooden box that said, “old Fashioned Peppermint Candies” It was a trick and when you slide the lid, a rubber Spider flips out and touches your hand.  Well, we had a Blast watching people’s curiosity get the best of them.  Actually had one Screamer too!!  I snapped a couple of pictures of some of the kids, but I need to try and catch a video of it.


The Pow wow was really Awesome, a little bigger than last year.  I absolutely Love the People up here, all weekend I had only 2 customers that haggled over price with me.  It is the exact Opposite in Floriduh, I usually only get 2 people that DON’T haggle over price all weekend!! 

Ric Bird was MC, and **Just a note to anyone who may not know.  Ric and Ramona’s 21 year old son was in a camping accident and got burned over 30% of his body.  He had come out of Intensive Care and was home.  Ramona was not able to come to the Pow wow she stayed home to take care of him.  Please Pray for his recovery and comfort, Ken will tell you – a Burn is THE Worst Pain. 

We had 3 Drums this weekend; Bird Chopper, Dry Creek Medicine Singers, and Na-Ma-Wo-Chi.  Take a look at my videos on YouTube and check them out.  They were all great!  (Please note, I am wireless so I have slow uploads, so if you do not see the videos at the time of this reading, bookmark and check back)


The most Notable event this weekend for the Pow wow Sponsors, the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe, was when the MC read the Proclamation by the Governor of the State of North Carolina.

Native American Weekend 2009

WHEREAS, the ancestors of the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe and Bethabara Settlers did enter into a White Feather Treaty of 1753 for the purpose of protection, friendship and growth, which led to the establishment of what is now known as Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and

          WHEREAS, the White Feather Treaty created a bond between the people of this region that promotes peace, unity and respect for the cultural heritages of all people; the treaty provided a foundation that has allowed Winston-Salem and Historic Bethabara to be a thriving part of North Carolina for 255 years; and

          WHEREAS, the White Feather Treaty was rededicated and ratified during the 2008 Strong Sun Pow Wow and Festival at Historic Bethabara solidifying more than 250 years of friendship and cultural understanding; and

          WHEREAS, THE Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe and Historic Bethabara Park will celebrate 255 years of peace, friendship and growth at the 2009 Strong Sun Pow Wow;

          NOW, THEREFORE, I BEVERLY EAVES PERDUE, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim July 10 – 12, 2009 as “Native American Weekend” in North Carolina and urge our citizens to commend its observance.


We had 2 Fancy Feather Dancers this weekend, one of which was a Woman!!! She was Great!!  I have a video and pictures of her in the circle.  Ric explains that it is sometimes met with controversy, but really this dance is a “made-up” dance and not a sacred dance and that is why it is OK for a woman to do it.  As a woman Firefighter, I Love seeing women with the courage to follow their passion HOKA!!!

Of course my Grass Dancers are Always the best (in my mind anyways) The video I have of them is at a unique angle.  All the Dancers were wonderful.  We were so very Blessed that so many of them remembered us and came and visited in the shop.  As I say, it was just a Wonderful “Kick-Off” Pow Wow for our Summer Travels.  Please see the pictures here on Multiply or Bookmark my Flickr photo Albums and check them out full size.

On Sunday Michael, the Chief’s Grandson, finally slowed down and spent some time in the shop with me.  He is a really Great young man, helping everyone at the pow wow.  Well it took Michael and I about 20 minutes to get the string tied around the leg of this June Bug he caught, but it was worth it because the people in the shop were getting a kick out of it as well.  Check out the video:




Friday, July 10, 2009

Pow wow in Winston-Salem, NC at Bethabara Park this weekend

Greetings and Thank you to all my Friends and FAMILY that have joined Multiply.  I should have some pictures, video and blogging after the weekend.  We are set up in North Carolina with a pow wow this weekend:

    July 10 - 12, 2009 ~ Strong Sun Festival & Pow Wow

2147 Historic Bethabara Rd - Winston-Salem, NC 27106

This is a Gathering of Native American people to share our Traditions and Customs with you. Master of Ceremonies - Ric Bird; Head Veteran - TBA; Arena Director - Elton Smith; Lead Dancers - Mike & Jennie Crawford; Honor Lead Tiny Tot Dancer - Riley ;Special Appearance - National POW MIA KIA Memorial Rolling Thunder, William E, Vaughan-Lloyd, Jr. Vice Chief .  We also have many other surprisers planned for you. Host Drum - “Bird Chopper”; Guest Drum - Cedar Creek Medicine.   All Traditional Drums Welcome.   Sound furnished by Dewin Underwood.   Special Programs and Dances for all ages.  Gate will Open at 12 noon Friday and Grand Entry at 1 Pm - Children day Gate will open at 9Am and Grand Entry at 10am. - Gate will open at 11 Am Grand Entry At 12 Noon Until 5:30 Pm.  Admission by Small Donation: Adults $6.00 - Children 4- 18 $4.00 - Senior over 62 Free - Children 4 years old and under Free.   This is a Family Program, Please have all Pets on Lease, No Alcohol, Drugs or Firearms Permitted. So grab a friend a Veteran and a Lawn Chair and come have some Fun. Shoes will be required at all times.Neetribe, Inc. - 3517 Union Hill Rd - East Bend, NC 27018 - 1-336-816-7747 or

We would like to send prayers out to all the people in need.  You will ALL be at the Pow wow with us as well.  We are also Praying specifically for those who mean to be Harmful to us.  We know that you can not help yourself, and are praying that the Great Spirit will reach down and help you through these trying times.

Much Love and many prayers,

Spiderwrulf & Cloudwalker

Radical Honesty is direct communication that leads to intimacy in relationships.  Then people can powerfully create their future together.  This works for couples, families, communities, and nations.  

At the center for Radical Honesty, we are building communities of intimate friends who are creating a revolution in consciousness through direct, open and honest conversation

**Conversation - informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk; colloquy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bear and Mom Swim in the Lake

Made a cute compilation of me and my doggie Bear swimming in the Lake our last day in Carolina Landing. **Hmmm can't seem to get it to work, either Launch the external Windows media player by clicking the link, or visit:

 Enjoy!  Hitting the road for Winston-Salem, NC this morning.

Launch in external player


Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Fireworks on the Lake

Carolina Landing ~ Fair Play, SC ~ July 4th, 2009

Beginning of the Fireworks show on the Lake

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pow Wow page Updated

I got some more pow wows listed for August and September on the dot com.  Look for the yellow "Updated" icon. 



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Behind the Outback ~ A Nomadic Adventure ~ Act I

Behind the Outback ~ A Nomadic Adventure

Act I

Scene I

30 June 2009 ~ Leaving Floriduh, on our Summer Pow Wow Journey.  We are about 30 miles from Valdosta, GA and it feels as if a Giant has stood up from my chest.   We passed through some rainy weather, but cleared out nice just past Gainsville.  We are heading for Unadilla, GA a small campground in our system for a quick over-nighter.  Making good time, he needs to gas the truck to make it the rest of the way, we stop at *somewhere, GA and gas the truck up.  As we pull out of the station, he has to go up on the curb to be able to swing the camper out from the pumps.  As we pull out and wait for the light to get back on the highway, I see *Clear as Day*  Water pouring (as if from a pitcher) from underneath the center of the camper?!?!  There is no way this can be, there is nothing critical there that should have water there?!  I call him to let him know, as we are already pulling onto the highway by this time, he says we will find a place to pull in to check it.  Well, we are in a construction area and go a while before we see a rest area to pull in.  Upon inspection, as I knew, there was no water - nothing wet - no way water would/should be coming out where I saw it.  He thinks I am road bleary already- I KNOW WHAT I SAW!  Ok, so we walk to the dogs, eat our picninc sandwich and get ready to get back on the road * a mere 30 miles or so till the compground now.  AND LOW AND BEHOLD, he notices that there is a chunk of the sidewall and tread missing on the front tire that had to go up on the curb.  It wasn't Flat, but It surely would have Blown out if we had not stopped and saw it.  THANK YOU GREAT SPIRIT, see I pay attention once in a while ;) We change the tire and get on down the road.

Otto's Saloon

Southern Trails RV Resort ~ 2690 Arena Rd - Unadilla, GA 478-627-3254 **Nice Place** FREE Pancake Breakfast ***BONUS***  some spots have cable, pool, NICE putt putt golf, Real Nice people!!



Scene II

1 July 2009 ~ Only 226 miles today, we were going to go back roads and for some reason he decided we should keep to the highway.  Not too bad, we skirted around Atlanta at a good time, minimal traffic *Compared to the last time I had to drive through here  *EEKK*  The real challenge comes at the campground.......

Carolina Landing ~ Fair Play, South Carolina ~ Thousand Trails Preserve

Aaron checks us in and asks, "Have you been here before?"  NO, we reply - Well, he says, You're going to Hate it at first, but you'll learn to Love it.  Hee hee, we politely giggle ***IF we had Only Known JUST HOW SERIOUS HE WAS***  Well Aaron takes the 'Old man' on the golf cart to find just the right spot, while I stay back at the vehicles with the doggies.  *Who, BTW, are wonderful Travellers * they really are GREAT on the road! 


Well, Aaron and the 'Old man' come back in a short while and he is confident that they looked a a couple potential spots.  We might have a challenge getting level, but let me show you * we will be right there near the lake.  So we drive back towards the Lake into the woods **Steep, Narrow, Winding ** in he pulls to the first potential spot EGAD!  well we tried 3 different positions on the site and up to 4 bricks on the low side and still couldn't get it even NEAR level!  Long story short... NONE of those spots were any better!!! So, we went down into the 'Fishbowl'.  Now let me explain this term for any of y'all not familiar with Campground Livin' ~ The fishbowl is that area that is dead center all the activity areas, like the pool and clubhouse and such.  They are usually setup as pull throughs, so the Elders (and the N00bz) don't  have to struggle backing their Ginormous Rig in and setting up.  It is also, Usually one ontop of the other like sardines (not much room in between sites).  The good news is the way you pull in, your 'hanging out spot' is facing the backside of their camper.  However, the nosies and busybodies like to be there as well, Hence the term fishbowl.  **See Future Entry in Forest Lake for the next campground vocabulary word *Redneck Loop*


Scene III

2 July 2009 ~ Make a munitions run today, closest WallyWorld is about 18 miles.  Crock Pottin' Corned Beef and Cabbage Today YUMMY!!!  Gonna have Nightwolf & Raven over for dinner this evening.  Pretty cool they ar about 15 minutes from here.  After our run we walked the doggies real good and headed out for some exploring.  Went into the town of Lavonia, GA  to surprise them at their shop:

Ravenwolf's Keep ~ Unique Art & Crafts, Bulk Herbs & Herbal Products & much more!

Located inside the Health & Nutrition Center ~ 5730 Vickery Street ~ Lavonia, Georgia



End Act I