Friday, May 20, 2011

Using my Artfire Shop Blog More Now

Greetings ~

I haven't Blogged much on Multiply, been very busy and the phone/internet has been shakey where we are.  I think I am going utilize my Shop Blog on Artfire as my main blog now, as I need to really concentrate on the shop and sales. If you go to my website on the Contact page, you will see all the links for my Pictures, Videos, Shop, Facebook Page and the like.

You can visit my shop Blog here: 

and while your there take a stroll through the shop  

As with everyone things are changing rapidly now-a-days and if we do not Ride the Wave of Change we Shall surely be Swept away by it! We live a LOT simpler now and I am condensing the online venues down to a manageable level with all we have going on. 

I want to Thank everyone that has followed this site of mine, I will probably leave it up because of all the photos and info, but I don't think I will be utilizing it as an integral part of my Networking anymore.    Please feel free to keep in touch through other means such as my shop, Facebook page, or email. 

We will see y'all down the Pow wow Trail ~ Much Love and many Prayers


  1. I pray Creator continues to bless you and Ken, Celeste. Many hugs and much love winging your way.

  2. Thank you very much... please see our NEW wWrulfblogg here: